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Social Business Exposure Program (SBEP) is a Social Creativity Education program aims to teach students about the Social Business concept to learn is fun.

Program Duration

24 hrs

Course hour

8hrs 30 minute


Spring, Summer & Fall

Seat Limit



Social Business 101, Design for Social Business (D4SB), Meet up Social Business Activist around the world, Learn to Unlearn, BBQ, Campfire so on.

Out of the class

As we know, learning is only sustainable if we have a practical experience. From that point of view, Social Business Students Forum has organized this program to give on field applications of social business to the students. There were five formal sessions including social business design lab, an inspirational session entitled “Learn to Unlearn “Social business and youth, Active learning sessions, BBQ and camp fire at night in this event.





SB Game

Networking different Universities



Social Business Course


Souvenir gifts

Product Description


Social Business Design Lab

D4SB, Online Game, Biz Design and Group Presentation


Spot light

Meet Social Business Activist Around the world.


Social Business Game

You are the game changer


Developing Social Business Model

Design for Social Business


Learn to unlearn

Learn to unlearn



Professor Rafiqul Islam

Dean, Department of Business Administration

E-mail: prof.rafiq@daffodilvarsity.edu.bd

Mohammed Masum Iqbal

Associate Professor and Head Department of Business Administration

E-mail: masum@daffodilvarsity.edu.bd

Masud Ibn Rahman

Associate Professor & Head of Social Business Cell

E-mail: mir@daffodilvarsity.edu.bd

Web: www.masudibnrahman.com

Ms. Rumana Parveen

Assistant Professor, University of Dhaka

E-mail: rupa1234@gmail.com

Dr.Md. Bellal Hossain

Food Scientist, Technologist & Associate Professor Daffodil International University

E-mail: drbellal@daffodilvarsity.edu.bd

Mr.Md. Kamruzzaman

Lecturer, Faculty of Business & Economic Daffodil International University

E-mail: kamruzzaman.bba@diu.edu.bd

Bipasha Matin

Lecturer, Faculty of Business & Economic Daffodil International University

E-mail: bipashamatin@yahoo.com

Fahmida Emran Mumu

Lecturer, Faculty of Business & Economic Daffodil International University

E-mail: fahmida@diu.edu.bd

Mr. Tomoya Watanabe

CEO, Lanka Creative Partners

Ms. Margot Mollat

Chapter Coordinator Myvision Global

Mr. Michael Wirtz

University of Wuppertal

Julie Bindia Savaria

MyVision Global Chief

Operating Director

Ejaj-ur Rahman Shajal

Lecturer & Assistant Director, DSA

E-mail: shajal_ss@yahoo.com

Kazi Misu

President, SBSF

General Secretary, Startup Bangladesh

E-mail: mesbah11-2118@diu.edu.bd

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